How to Fill Out a Bank Deposit Ticket


Fill Out a Bank Deposit Ticket

Fill Out a Bank Deposit Ticket

Take back control of your own finances and learn how to manage your own banking. One very small, but important step to take in that direction is to learn how to fill out your own deposit ticket. Then you have the knowledge of how much you have put into the bank and you don’t have to worry about the teller making a mistake with your finances. You can use this same principal to use it with quick books deposit slips

Things You’ll Need:

  • Checks and/or cash to deposit
  • A pen
  • A deposit ticket
  • Your bank account number.
Step 1

Gather all of you checks and cash together with a pen and a deposit ticket which are usually in the back of your checkbook. If you do not have any deposit tickets in the back of your checkbook the bank has blank ones that you can fill out as well. If you are using a blank bank deposit ticket make sure you pick up the right one for either checking or savings. Also, keep your checkbook with you because it has your account number on it.

  • Step 2

    All banks have slightly different deposit tickets, but they generally have the same basic steps and format to them.

  • Step 3

    Fill out your first and last name, date and your branch location where indicated on the slip.

  • Step 4

    Find on the deposit ticket where is says “CASH” and/or “COIN” and enter in the amount of cash and coin that you have to deposit.

  • Step 5

    Next move onto listing your checks individually. There is usually space for about 3 checks in the front. If you have more there us generally room on the back to add those.

  • Step 6

    Add the total amount of the checks with the total amount of the cash altogether and put it into the sub-total of the deposit ticket.

  • Step 7

    If you want cash back from your deposit write that in the spot for “LESS CASH.” You will have to sign your deposit ticket if you want less cash, but wait to do that in front of the teller so that they can verify your signature to your ID.

  • Step 8

    If you are using a deposit ticket from the back of your checkbook you may skip this step. If you are using a blank bank deposit ticket you will need to fill in your bank account number. You bank account number is located at the bottom of your checks. It is the middle number and is generally about 9 digits long. It may be more or less digits depending on the bank.

  • Step 9

    Bring it up to your teller who will be so happy that you have filled out your deposit ticket and sign it in front of them and have your ID ready if you are getting cash back.

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